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Stas Bernasinski

Remedy Massage - Paincare, Rehabilitation and Health

Remedy Massage specialises in therapeutic massage, remedial massage and physical therapy, combining massage and advanced manual therapy for effective paincare, rehabilitation and health. Therapeutic massage is perfect for relaxation and stress relief. Remedial massage and physical therapy benefit a wide range of common injuries and pain conditions, recent or more longterm.

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Staunton's Holistic Healthcare

Susan became committed to holistic therapies when she experienced their effectiveness in treating a chronic condition she suffered, where conventional medicine had been unsuccessful.

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Suzanne Dennehy

I am a native of Killarney town and have been practicing Complimentary Therapies for the last seven years.Before that I worked in the healing field of nursing both General and Paediatric Nursing. I also worked in The Hotel Industry dealing with Accidents and Emergencies as well as training and working in Child Care within the Hotel Industry. I am a wife and mother with five children.

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