Time for You


Time for You

 South Circular Road, Dublin 8

087 2870555

Energetic Massage Therapy
Holistic Massage
Swedish Massage

Quantum Coherence Therapy (QCT)

At 'Time for You' I offer my clients TIME ..... time to relax; time to release stress and tension; time to ease tired, tense and overworked muscles, time to talk about issues that may be causing stress or sleepless nights.  I am passionate about my clients' health and well being and  I am available, between sessions, with advice and support as needed.

The energy massage that I offer works with the body's natural life-force and therefore works at a much deeper level bringing subtle, yet profound, changes to a clients' life. Balancing the body's natural life-force energy (also called chi) through the chakra system, encourages any stagnated energy to flow allowing self-healing and powerful changes to take place on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic.

In addition to energetic massage treatments, I now offer a totally new therapy Quantum Coherence Therapy (QCT) based on Traditional Chinese Medicine., which dove-tails beautifully with my energy massage.   It is a very gentle, subtle treatment, yet profoundly deep and brings the body back to balance, health and well-being. For more information on QCT,  log onto my website http://www.timeforyoumassage.com

I am also the Irish Agent and Distributor for Pure Pro massage oils, creams and lotions.  I supply product to therapists around the country, offering a 10% discount to IMTA members.  Again, check out my Pure Pro website on http://www.purepro.ie