Denis Lambert


Denis Lambert

Sport Massage

 Rathnure Upper, Enniscorthy. Or 70 king st Wexford town


Chair Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Indian Head Massage
Sports Massage
On-Site Massage
Remedial Massage
Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Cupping and Dynamic Taping

Sports Therapy

Listed below are the techniques i use in my clinic.

Dynamic taping: will assist weak muscles, act like a second skin, it is long lasting while being both rubber and latx free.

Sport Massage: extends sports career, will increase performance, help restore normal funtion also prevents injury and loss of mobility.

Deep Tissus Cupping: stimulates circulation, heps scar tissue recover, will release tight muscles and reduce toxin build up in the body.

Advance Massage Techniques: include treatment for Sciatic Pain, Carpul Tunnel, Repetitive Strain Inquiry, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Ankle Sprains, Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow, TMJ restrictions, Understanding and working with Trigger Points.

I do both Post and Pre Event Massage and fully qualified in First Aid Assistance.


Treatment Prices and Opening Hours

All treatments are time based rather than what type of massage you would like.

 Time                Cost

30 minutes      30 euro

60 minutes      50 euro

90 minutes      60 euro

if you require either sprain or strain wraps there will be 10 euro charge


Opening Hours

10.00am untill 9.00pm. Monday to Saturday. By Appointment only.