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Sports therapy Energetic healing Sports injuries Cardiac first tesponse Full list on cv and above pages Massage part of energetic healing and diploma in sports therapy courses. Kinesiology and kinesiology taping cours in national school of remedial therapy. Weekend coirse in acl injurie course in the sports surgery. In future I will be attending courses in the above colleges in future. My e attending courses in the aforementioned colleges. The next course I intend to do is an orthpeadic workshop course to update skills

AR Sports Therapy Clinic, Roscommon Leisurezone, Cluain Fraoigh Retail Park, Lanesborough Road, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon F42 WF38 OPENING HOURS MONDAY. 4PM - 8.30PM. BOOK APPT TUESDAY. 4PM - 8.30PM. BOOK APPT WEDNESDAY. 4PM - 8.30PM. BOOK APPT THURSDAY. 4PM - 8.30PM BOOK APPT FRIDAY. 4PM - 8.30PM BOOK APPT SATURDAY. BY APPT SUNDAY. BY APPT MOST RECENT TEAM: Midlands Schoolboys League Kennedy Cup team 2017

By appointment only. To make your appointment CALL 0894304496 EMAIL I also do home calls. I am available to sports clubs for training, matches, events and tournaments. I also do advice sessions on injury prevention and recovery NAME : Aidan Raftery POSITIONS : Sports Injuries Therapist & Massage Therapist. Currently Studying Advanced Masters Trigger Therapy WORKS AT : - AR Sports Therapy Clinic - Roscommon & District League County Soccer Team - Providing therapy with care in injuries including Musculoskeletal injuries - TREATMENT FOR - Musculoskeletal injuries - Temporo Mendibular injuries - Fetac Level 5 Occupational First Aid - Cardiac First Response - Qualified in all plying Kinesio tape for various injuries - Massage - ACL injuries - Plantaar Fascitis - Certificate in Elderly and Senior Massage - Diagnosis & Treatment of a wide range of Injuries - Member of the Irish Massage Therapists Association - Ther Carers Association recommends me to their members -I am fully licensed and can provide you with professional services in the follow: Shoulder Massage - Upper, Middle and Lower Back Hamstrings - Calf and Quad Muscles Diagnosis and Treatment of Sports Injuries Advise sessions for groups and or individuals Rehabilitation After Sports Injuries Referrals For X-Rays, Scans or Surgery (if required) Advice to Sportsmen on Sportswomen regarding how to lessen and prevent injuries Sports Nutrition - Most Nutritional, Best for giving energy. When and what to eat on Training and Match Days Kinesiology Taping Service (€10 extra for first time application regardless of amount of taping used. free for any further applications) KINESIOLOGY TAPING: I completed a 2 day course in the National School for Remedial Therapy in Dublin on Kinesiology Taping. I am now a qualified Kinesiology Taping Specialist and below is a list of injuries that can be treated using the Kinesiology Taping method of treatment. I com. Kinesiology Tape is applied to the injured muscle. More information on this services can be found on my website -Qualified in Emergency First Response - Life Science) FETAC Level 5 in Massage Therapy: Elements of Energetic Healing > Introduction to Elements of Energetic Healing PASSED THIS MODULE > Muscle Response Testing > Dawsing With A Pendulum > Energetic Healing Assessment Protocol > The Chakras > The Meridians > The Human Aura > Session Preparation > The Home Support Toole Kit > Case Studies & Final Assessment Workbook -Temporo Medibular Joint Workshop - Myoskeletal System Workshop -PHYSICAL - NEUROLOGICAL - HORMOONAL - NEUROSTRUCTURAL TECHIQUE - ASSESSMENT - MUSCLE TESTING FOR TEMPORO MENDIBULAR JOINT - LATISSIMUS DORSI - OMURA RING TEST - POST TREATMENT TEST - STABILISATION - REFERRAL - USED IN THE TREATMENT OF - UPPER CROSSED SYNDROME - TRAPEZIUS MUSCKE INJURIES - DELTIOD MUSCLE INJURIES - WHIPLASH - LATISSIMUS DORSI INJURIES Aidan Raftery Sports Therapist AR Sports Therapy Clinic Roscommon & District League Co. Soccer Team @ARsportstherapy Snapchat arsportstherapyclinic Instagram arsportstherapyclinic