Anne Drumm Massage Specialist


Anne Drumm Massage Specialist

Connect ~ Restore ~ Revive

 12 Clondrina, Crusheen


Deep Tissue Massage
Holistic Massage
Infant/Baby Massage
Reiki Healing
Swedish Massage
Therapeutic Massage

Massage - Reiki - Infant Massage Classes 

Connect - Restore - Revive...with a visit to my treatment room.

As your therapist, I will tailor each treatment to your specific needs whatever they may be. You will feel safe and secure in the knowledge that your are being looked after by someone who is passionate about holistic health and the many benefits of Massage and Reiki Therapies.

As well as Massage and Reiki, I am also offering group and individual Infant Massage Classes. These classes offer the newborn family a chance to bond in a unique and special way whilst learning the art of Baby Massage that can be carried through from infant hood all through childhood and beyond. Instilling a love of positive, healing touch through respect, understanding and communication.