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Renewing Membership in 2017

We are making it easier for your 2017 membership renewal:

If you are a current member, your membership is up for renewal on March 17th, 2017. When renewing before February 28th, your annual membership is €90, including a 10% discount. This discount is only available to current members.

Pay your membership fee via EasyPay. You will be asked for your insurance details and the number of total CPD points earned while making your payment so have the information to hand.

You need to have a total number of 100 CPD points earned since March 18th, 2016. See the end of the page for details on how to calculate your points.

Pay via EasyPay.







Continuous Professional Development

Want to know how to calculate your CPD points, click here.

The IMTA has adopted a policy on Continuous Professional Development points (CPDs) for graduate courses, post  graduate courses, short courses and seminars. This is in keeping with the present requirements in the national  educational/health services and on the international employment market. The various awarding bodies and interested parties (e.g. Departments of Education & Science, Health & Children,  Consumer Affairs, awarding bodies and course providers), have specific criteria for accreditation of courses, workshops  and seminars. The IMTA has taken these criteria into account when developing the CPD system and the Descriptors for its members, whilst keeping in mind the uniqueness of the holistic approach of body therapies and the ethos of the  IMTA.

The purpose of CPD points is to ensure that the practitioner/therapist

a) learns new skills,

b) further developsknowledge, technique and ability and

c) keeps themselves up to date with developments in the national and international field of massage therapy.

The IMTA’s Continuous Professional Development 2016 - (CPD) System are in keeping with the present requirements in the educational / health services and on the national / international industrial market. The IMTA has a ‘Passport’ to record each of it's members CPD’s.