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At Salann Na Talun Lusmagh,Banagher, Co.Offaly on Sunday 6 th Oct we are holding the IMTA health awareness event.
It is an awareness day for all holistic Healing and of course Massage.
From 2 pm till 5.
Guest speaker David Sye, yoga guru, also guided meditation at 2.30.
Speakers on Stress and stress management.
Guided Meditation, talk on vitamins, and also demonstrations. all welcome.
"We had a great event, about 40 people attended ( which is very good for such a small place ) which shows that a lot of people are interested in all things alternative now. 

There was a talk on stress and ways to deal with it including Massage and Yoga plus Pranayama.  interesting. Talks by Ana Alves Smyth and David Sye, both yoga masters and healers.
We started with a meditation, went on to Yoga demos and then some sample treatments for people including : Massage.Reflexology. Indian Head Massage. 

I had lots of help with this, and without this help the day would not have been such a success, thanks to Catherine for the Reflexology, to Brenda for the Massage and to Judy for Massage also.
 I am afraid i was so busy i forgot to take photos except one. This is David Sye and Ana Alves Smyth."

 Best Regards, Maureen.