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James Waslaski 5 Day

The Center for Pain Management along with

James Waslaski, Author and International Lecturer

Invites you to Attend  Our Orthopedic Massage and Pain Management Seminars in IRELAND!




MAY 5-9TH 2014

Location - Boyne Valley Hotel, Best
Western, Dublin Road Drogheada,
Co.Louth, Ireland
 To Register Call:
087 228 4803 or 041 983 5722 

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10a Beechgrove Terrace


Co Louth


PRICE 600 EURO plus class manual  

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Here's what people are saying about James Waslaski and his seminars!
"James Waslaski's presentation skills and application of specific therapeutic techniques make him one of the most inspirational, energetic, compassionate and results oriented educators in thea healthcare industry.  His powerful seminars and tapes will be an invaluable contribution to your bodywork practice in uniquness, quality and results.  Dr. Erik Dalton, Ph.D Director or Freedom from Pain Institute

"James knowledge of the body's response to pain and injuries supercedes that of most osteopaths and orthopedic physicians, and his presentation was most praised and talked about at our touch research symposium" Dr. Tiffany Field Director of Touch Research Institute, University of Miami School of Medicine.
"James Waslaski is the "cutting edge" author and teacher of chronic pain and sports injury techniques.  This personable, high profile, international presenter has made clinical sports massage available to everyone in a simplistic but highly organized manner."
Aaron Mattes, Author of Active Isolated Stretching

"After attending one of his seminars and observing his specific work with our injured players, I realize that James' techniques are a vital part of every professional sports team."Steve Donahue, A.T.C World Champion NY Yankees


The Center for Pain Management
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Five Day Intensive Seminars  Advanced and extensive hands on training for the entire body, addressing sports massage, sports medicine and orthopedic massage.  They cover 30% more advanced information than the upper/lower body seminars combined, including releasing the superficial fascial front line, posturology, and the ability to tie the entire body together to sort out complicated pain patterns. Pre-event and post-event sports massage training is included.  You will learn sports injury prevention, and how to align your work with sports medicine specialists.  All conditions listed for the upper and lower body will be covered in more detail, with more emphasis on structural integration and the ability to see how one area of the body can cause compensation patterns throughout the body. We will look in greater detail at things like upper cross syndrome, lower cross syndrome, ascending pain patterns, descending pain patterns, biomechanics, and myoskeletal alignment.    40 CEU's are awarded upon completion of this seminar.   

Weekend Classes are 20CEU - Five Day Course are 40 CEU
We are a CE approved providor
NCBTMB -049978-00
CE Approved Providor in Florida
 To Register Call:
087 228 4803 or 041 983 5722


Body Fix

10a Beechgrove Terrace


Co Louth



Seminar Contact Eoghan McEvoy

PRICE 600 EURO plus class manual    




About our Seminars and James Waslaski, Author and International Lecturer



Dear Healthcare Professionals:

Our Orthopedic Massage Seminars focus on the entire body, with emphasis on restoring pain free range of motion throughout the body and integrating complete structural balance.  Practitioners will address chronic pain and other injury conditions with a focus on understanding and correcting the causes and pathology of each specific condition.

James Waslaski, past chair of the AMTA National Sports Massage Education Council, is an author and international lecturer who has pioneered deep pain free orthopedic massage, pain management, sports injury, and sports enhancement treatments. His unique structural and multidisciplinary bodywork approach has been taught throughout the United States, Ireland, London, Scotland, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Greece, Australia, and the Caribbean.  Through the use of an incredible multimedia presentation, James has presented at state, national and international massage conventions, as well as Chiropractic conventions, osteopathic conventions, the college of sports medicine, the University of South Wales, and the Olympic training center in Australia. James spent 20 years working in hospitals and trauma centers treating both medical and trauma patients prior to his training in massage. He has worked extensively with collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes and has published books, manuals, and a series of DVDs on sports injuries, chronic pain, and complicated orthopedic conditions. In 1999 James was the recipient of the FSMTA International Achievement Award James was inducted into the Massage Hall of Fame in 2008 for pioneering a unique Multidisciplinary Approach for Pain Mangagement and Sports Injuries. His unique and highly effective Structural Approach for eliminating pain throughout the body has brought him worldwide recognition as a leader in the massage and wellness industries. His upcoming new book on Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy-A Structural Approach to Pain Management, hopes to bridge the gap between all health care practitioners and revolutionize the way health care leaders approach complicated pain conditions.



We offer Orthopedic Certification after completion of our 100 hour Certification Course
Complete an Upper, Lower and Five Day Seminar and you are eligible to sit for the testing
Take any two Five Day Intensives
Register together and we will

Include Our Orthopedic Certification  Test Fee for Free

($150.00 Value)
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(20 hours written case studies required)