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A date for your diary - AGM for 2013

Saturday April the 13th 2013 - Hodson Bay Hotel Roscommon Road Athlone  


There will be 6 workshops in the afternoon. We are delighted to announce that James Waslaski is back to the IMTA AGM workshop. See below a list of the workshops:

Orthopaedic Massage, Pain Management & Sports Injury. James Walaski. (2 workshops)

James Walaski will introduce his unique multi-disciplined approach to injury treatment.  This workshop will be structured in a way that the participant leaves with a working knowledge and emphasis on restoring pain-free range of motion throughout the body and integrating structural balance.  Practitioners will be introduced to chronic pain and other injury conditions with emphasis on understanding and correcting the causes and pathology of each specific condition.
James Walaski returns for the fourth time to our AGM, he is an internationally renowned author and lecturer and we are delighted to welcome him to present to IMTA therapists again this year.  And will be doing an intensive 5 day Seminar while here in Ireland. For more details check
James Waslaski from the Centre of Pain Management - Check out his website @
CORE POWER AND CENTREING FOR THE THERAPIST with Peter O'Donoghue. (Fully booked now)
This workshop introduces you to some basic Tai Chi principles, with which you can begin to harness the power of your Tai Chi “waist”, which is the middle third of your body and the home of your strongest muscle groups.  With practise, you can learn to connect this energy to the ground and to your hands, adding both power and sensitivity to your massage work.
Learn to create a “groundpath” from any point in your body to the earth and to connect to your centre and to the Yin and Yang energies of the earth and sky.
This will be a very interactive seminar, with plenty of movement and working in pairs, so if you would prefer to sit and watch a demo or listen to a talk, this is not for you!  On the other hand, if you’re up for an active 45 minutes and a chance to tap into your physical and energetic potential, I’ll see you there.
Massage and mindfulness with Judith Ashton
In this short workshop I will share with you some of the methods I have used over the last 30yrs working with clients. Massage trainings are often uniquely physically based whereas my approach is highly conscious of the  psychological and  emotional aspects of touch. We will work with meditation  and centring as essential tools for the massage therapist. Working in this way enables you to be present in a new way and helps you to nourish yourself at a deep level.
Leverage the power of the internet to enhance your Business with OSD
We will help you to understand 
  • Search Engine Optimization and how to optimize your website to come near the top of the major search engines for highly targeted keywords relevant to your business.
  • how to have consistency for your Brand across all Social Media and Web Platforms and how they impact on SEO?
  • which social media platforms suit the massage business and how to incorporate these into your business marketing plan
  • and what impact the mobile web revolution has on our web presence.
The Dorn Method; Healing Through the Spine With Nicole Lordan
A simple yet very effective, wholistic, gentle, non-manipulative and safe therapy and self help method to correct misalignments of the pelvis, spinal column and other joints.
The Dorn Method is using gentle techniques where the client takes an active part to help joints slip more easily into place without any harsh or severe corrections. This technique has produced great results over many years now.
It can be particularly helpful for treating illnesses directly or indirectly connected to the spinal column, like back pain, sciatica, neck / hip / shoulder pain, headaches, migraines, chronic inner conditions along with psychological problems.
With Nicole Lordan, Certified Advanced Dorn Method Therapist and Authorised Instructor
Vice-President IMTA
Accomodation options:

Contact the Hodson Bay Hotel directely to avail of the special rates for those that want to stay over. 


Accommodation prices and members spa special offer at the Hodson Bay
B&B @ 85euros Single or 65euros per person sharing
Spa Pamper package 145euros per person sharing or 185euros per Single room to include Dinner & Spa Treatment 

Tel: (0)90 6442000



Or alternatively you could stay at 

Coosan Cottage which offers a unique B+B in Athlone.

TELEPHONE: (++353) (0) 906473468
FAX: (++353) (0) 906473468 
A rate of 35 euro per person per night and if the stay is two nights it would be 30 euro per person per night including breakfast