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Dublin South Pamper Me Day in ICS

South Dublin Wellness Event 
Dublin South IMTA members, Shelly, Paul and Gene organized a Pamper Me Day for the Staff at the Irish Cancer Society.  Have a look through some pictures from the day and a testimonial from the staff of the Irish Cancer Society who really enjoyed the experience.
"The staff at the Irish Cancer Society would like to thank Paul, Shelly and Gena on providing us with a fabulous Pamper Me Day.  Everyone loved taking 30 minutes out of their busy schedule to have a massage of their choice for 15 minutes and then to take 15 minutes out in the relaxation room before returning to their busy tasks"

"Everyone thought it was a fantastic opportunity to add a bit of fun to their day.  The Society provided us with a meeting room for the day so we could avail of this fantastic service.  Paul, Shelly and Gena were amazing and received lots of compliments.  We would definitely love to organize this day again soon and we look forward to welcoming Paul, Shelly and Gena back to our offices."