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Manual Lymphatic Drainage(MLD) Dr Vodder Method

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Dr Vodder method is an advanced discipline in the field of medical massage. It should only be applied from a specially trained therapist. It is a gentle circular massage carried out with precise rthythmic movements exerting different intensities of pressure. Additional circular/pumping and cupping motions aim to re-direct fluid away from swollen areas towards the heatlhy lymphatics where the fluid can be drained by normal rountes back into the circulation system. Overall this method of MLD is used to increase the transporting capacity of all lymph-collecting vessels and with that decrease any swelling appearing in the body. MLD (Dr Vodder) can be a pain and discomfort releaser for patients with arthritis venous insufficienty PMS and pregnancy related swellings. Vodder therapists are not only trained for the management of Lymphoedema they are also trained and use the method successfully to treat leg ulcers (diabetes) burns scars and wounds as it accelerates the healing process. A bi-annual recertification is compulsory for practicing therapists as it is an advanced medical treatment. For more information log onto the MLD Ireland website on

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