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Ma-Uri Massage

MA-URI Massage Therapy It is a modern expression of an ancient medium. It has its roots in ancient Polynesian principles that focused on a dynamic and creative approach to life where you developed the skills of mastering all aspects of your life. What is unique in MA-URI massage is the dynamic use of movements touch and rhythm. Long sweeping strokes are done by the forearms of the therapist to Polynesian or other kinds of music. These strokes are combined with a special form of posture dance to generate the energy flow within and around the body. Every muscle joint ligament and bone is worked on except the intimate bodyparts which are covered by a towel during the massage session. MA-URI massage is for the whole person not just for a group of muscles. It pampers our body and soul and gives us back the joy of existence. MA-URI is a modern embodiment of an ancient healing medium which focuses on health self-healing and personal growth. For more information click here

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