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Ki Massage

Ki Massage is a holistic therapy due to its remarkable effectiveness in maintaining and helping to restore good health and well-being. Experience has shown us that the build up of negative stress and tension poor posture and lack of exercise cause the muscles and cells of the body to tighten up and harden. This reduces the flow of energy/circulation our natural healing ability and our zest for life. This therapy is specifically designed not only to relax and dissolve stress at deep levels (easing tired aching muscles) but to free our energy which is vital for good physical and mental health. After a treatment the body feels lighter much more relaxed and revitalised. This in turn allows the mind to calm thinking becomes clearer and concentration improves. Ki Massage is a hands on firm but gentle massage. Therapists use the flow of positive energy to combat the negative energies in their clients. This dissolves any blockages which can cause problems.

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