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Dorn Method


Better Back & Joint Care. Safely, Naturally & Gently.
The Dorn Method is a wholistic, gentle, safe, effective and non-manipulative Manual Therapy and Self Help Method to align the spine and joints. It can be used for treating illnesses directly or indirectly connected to the spinal column.
Dorn can be particularly successful in the treatment of back, hip and neck pain, sciatica, leg length difference, scoliosis, headaches and migraines, dizziness, neuralgia, chronic inner conditions and tiredness, eye trouble, ear pain, toothache, sore throat, tonsillitis, sinus problems and joint problems / pains (knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, jaw).
Dorn is based on the correction of uneven leg length. A leg length discrepancy can lead to a variety of problems, such as headaches, back problems, neck and shoulder pain and even psychological problems. Next the pelvis is checked for any misalignment, followed by lumbar, thoracic and cervical vertebrae checks. Displaced vertebras are brought back into place by the pressure of the thumb on the vertebrae of the spine. There is no bone manipulation, cracking or any other surprising or aggressive moves involved.
The Dorn treatment is combined with a back, neck and shoulder massage. This combination provides a very effective tool to relax and regenerate the whole body. Dorn also promotes the use of better posture in day-to-day life and teaches very simple and quick exercises that help the client to keep the body structure in place.

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